Our mission is to support banks and wealth managers in their journey to a resourceful, effective and profitable 360º customer experience


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So, what are the burning questions for banks and financial services providers today?

  • Who are our customers in five years from now and what are their expectations?
  • How do we adjust our understanding of market segmentation to the digital challenge?
  • What skills and competencies do we need to cope with digitization and how do we prioritize?
  • Which business models in which eco-system work for us in order to secure our profitability?
  • Who are our competitors today and in five years from now? Who will be the leaders?


  • Your current customers may well be your future ones, however, most likely with very different needs and expectations
  • The digitization enables and rapidly evolves a segment of one
  • Understand your customers, embrace agility, foster courage, fail fast and smart
  • Your competitors will come from different industries and backgrounds, not just banking
  • The future will face competition of eco systems rather than individual firms

The CXM360 Framework – 360 degree Customer Experience Management

  1. waser iPM CXM360© Framework
    waser iPM CXM360 Framework

    A customer centric, ‘outside in’ paradigm involving multiple relevant touchpoints, channels, attributes and sub-processes is pivotal

  2. Adjusting the paradigm will challenge, align and industrialize your entire business process architecture, front-to-back
  3. Customer experience management projects are risky – secure profitability and manage priorities in your initiatives at all times
  4. Challenge siloed views – align highly visible and less visible stakeholders (fintechs, partners, operations, etc.) for truly differentiating customer journeys
  5. Embrace key technology trends in banking early on, including PSD2, GDPR, cybersecurity – they have long-term impact on your digital transformation
  6. Engage in two speed (bimodal) architecture to remain both, explorative and predictive

What we do – and how we can support you

  1. Methodology – Comprehensive and methodical support in your firm’s Customer Experience Management initiatives, based on the CXM360 Framework (assessments, workshops, bootstrap approach)
  2. Consulting and Coaching – Consulting and support in benchmarking, planning, tenders (RFI / RFP) as well as in selection and solution design of Omni Channel Digital Architectures and Platforms, including Proof of Concept (POC) work
  3. Project Management – Project Assessment, Project Office and Project Lead with execution of your Omni Channel Digital Platform initiative
  4. Integration & Customisation – Software and Platform Configuration, Agile Software Development for Digital Banking Platforms, Integration of 3rd Party Solutions including Core Banking, CRM, Analytics and DWH


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